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How long does it take for me receive my Tshirt(s)?

Each Tshirt is personalized with the persons name, checked for the correct spelling...and double-checked. With such attention to detail, you will receive your Tshirt(s) in 7-10 business days.


What are your delivery options?

All shipping is "free" via UPS or FedEx. But,we can also deliver Tshirts via our CEO's car for large group orders. We're sure he won't mind. (Anything for the kids)




How do I return an item?

There's no need to return an item. If for some strange reason a name is misspelled, just let us know. We'll send out another Tshirt with the correct spelling free of charge.

How do I make a donation?

Yaaaay! Thanks so much. Your donation gives us the opportunity to get the Tshirts and Wristbands to kids all over the city. Simply click here or click on the "Donations" tab at the top of the page. You will be able to enter any amount you wish to give.

Again, thanks sooooo much!

How can I be a Virtual Mentor?

First...that's AWESOME! Our youth need you!!! Your words have the power to change a young person for the better for the rest of their life! Simply use the Contact Us form and provide a brief paragraph of what "If it is to be, it is up to me" means to you. We'll be in touch after we receive it.

I'd like to be sponsor or simply purchase Tshirts for several youth. How do I make that happen?

Wow! That's a great question. Your support allows us to give free, personalized Tshirts to schools or organizations that work with youth. To be able to call a group and say, "Hey, we have (100) Tshirts for your organization. Just send us the names of the kids and we'll deliver them," would be AWESOME!!!

To be a sponsor,  simply use the Contact Us form to let us know. We'll send you an invoice for the amount of your sponsorship. To purchase several Tshirts for us to donate to an organization, simply put in the number of Tshirts you'd like to purchase when you select the particular item.

Merci. Gracias. Asante. Danke. And Thank you in every other language.


How do I put in an order if I'd like to order a large number of Tshirts for different people?

That's not a problem at all. Simply use the Contact Us form and let us know that you'd like to order multiple Tshirts with different names. We'll send you a form where you can list each name for each person. Minimum (10) orders for a "Large Order."

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