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Welcome to our Virtual Mentors Page

The phrase, "If it is to be, it is up to me" can mean something different to everyone.

After all, there is no "one" or "single" way to make things happen for what you want to do or what you want to be in life.

So we decided to create a 'Virtual Mentors' page to show you that there are many ways to reach your goal and make great decisions when it comes to being what you want to be.

We've asked some great people to share how they reached what they wanted to be in life and what it took to get there. They are going to share the decisions they made to make, "If it is to be, it is up to me" happen in their lives.

So click on a video and watch, listen, and/or take notes to see that you too can make it happen in your life as well. Remember, If it is to be, it is up

Name: Art "Chat Daddy" Sims

Occupation: Radio & TV Personality

Name: Abi Floresca

Occupation: Awesome College Student

Name: Laticia Dezell Holbert

Occupation: Employer Development & Diversity Mgr.

Name: Jessica Rader

Occupation: Former Executive

Name: Khalid Scott & his Daughter Anayah

Occupation: Social Worker

Name: Melissa Washington

Occupation: Vice President External Affairs at ComEd

Name: Carson Gauthier

Occupation: Awesome College Student

Name: Alexandria Willis

Occupation: Tech Founder

Name: Dr. Karen Ratliff

Occupation: Author and Tech Founder

Name: Steve Bradley

Occupation: Music Teacher

Name: Fidel Marquez Jr.

Occupation: Senior Vice President -ComEd

Name: Jeff Beckham

Occupation: Tech Founder

Name: Susan Olavarria

Occupation: Corporate Affairs Manager at ComEd

Name: Trez Van Pugh

Occupation: CEO/Founder of Sip & Savor Coffee Houses

Name: Toure Muhammad

Occupation: Journalist & Digital Marketing Strategist

Name: Marlow Colvin

Occupation: Vice President, Governmental Affairs ComEd

Name: Glenn Reedus

Occupation: Journalist

Name: Chundria Standback

Occupation: Television Personality

Name: Anayah Scott

Occupation: Awesome High School Student

Name: Bri

Occupation: Awesome College Student

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